How to Decorate A Narrow Studio Apartment

You have recently moved into a new apartment and it was time to paint, furnish and decorate it. However, a long and narrow apartment (gallery apartment) will create several problems for decoration. Here’s what you can do to have a functional apartment.

First of all you should make an analysis of your new living space and think about its future purpose. You want to be a space for your visiting friends, it is just a short transition space, or you want to turn it into a home office?

Painting, Colors

Choose a color palette to emphasize the space in your new apartment. The best choices are the warm, light colors, pastel hues or neutral colors like white or cream.


Only after you have established those details, choose the necessary furniture for your new space. The first thing should be the couch that thou shalt get close to the wall, or near the wall, along with a narrow rectangular coffee table. For living room there are recommended open, suspended shelves or shelf units.

Mirrors & Accessories

A clever trick that you could use it, is to integrate mirrors and / or objects of art in your home decor. A large mirror can be installed above the sofa following its rectangular shape, or you can use some paintings instead. The effect of these paintings will be to create smaller areas of interest that will break the monotony of a long narrow living room. However, it is important not to clutter up with decorations. Keep proportions and arrange as minimalist as possible.

Living Plants

Bring a large plant in a pot, which you can place it near window.


And since I mentioned the window the natural light as well as artificial lighting is a very important factor. So, make sure you have a well-lit room to create the impression of a larger space.

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