How to Discover Your Personal Decorating Style

What do you prefer, a modern house, traditional or one technologically savvy? Your style is comfortable and airy or very elegant and distinguished? The way your home looks says a lot about your personality.

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Accessories, furniture, materials, colors and decorations you use in the home, are the reflection of your personal tastes. Anyone who will visit your home will form an opinion about you, from the look and feel that he found in the living room. Thus, nowadays, more and more people pay greater attention to the interior design of their homes. However, the great diversity of styles of decoration, make it hard for homeowners who is confused by the endless options.

So if you have difficulties to find YOUR own style of decoration, consider the below advice:

1. Browse specialty magazines.

One of the easiest ways that you can find out what your style is to browse some specialty magazines and see what attracts you more. Mark the photos of living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens that you like. The most visible decorating style and which is found in the most of your choices will also be the preferred one.

2. Remember the things you like in friends’ homes.

You traveled a lot lately and you have preferred some furniture pieces in hostels or hotels where you stayed?

Did you like the couch or the kitchen of a friend? Try to think what style were those pieces of furniture or decor. In this way you’ll be able to select the style of your home, depending on your past preferences.

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3. Analyze your closet.

What can be found mainly in your closet? Jeans and shirts or stylish clothes?

Well, if you prefer to wear jeans and shirts, then that means you prefer a comfortable style. But if you like to dress up, put a high value on the image, then your home will get the same treatment.

3. Think of your favorite colors.

Do you like pastel colors or the brightest one that attract instant attention? Some people even prefer black and white. Your favorite colors will give you a good idea of how to paint the walls and what materials to look for chairs, sofas and furniture.

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4. Determine which are your favorite vacation places.

Where did you spend the most holidays in recent years? You were in a sea resort or in the mountains? Do you prefer to go to places that have a long history or in modern cities?

Your preferences in terms of destinations will give you a clue about interior decorations that you prefer. If you love the coastal area, you can decorate your home in Mediterranean style instead, if you prefer rural life, you can opt for a rustic décor. But if you like a particular feature of the countries you visit most often, you can decorate your house with decorative elements from Italy, France, Greece and Japan, etc.

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