How to Distribute the Living Room and Make It Appear Larger

Interior designer tricks

Let’s see in this article several interior designer tips and ways to get the most out of the living room and make it seem bigger than it really is.

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Is your living room well distributed?

If not, do you think it can be improved? These questions arise many times when you realize that the size of your living room is not suited for you. You don’t have enough space to enjoy all the possibilities of your living room. Maybe we can help you? We will give you some tips and ideas on how to distribute your own living room space correctly. So, read this post and discover several decorating ways and secrets to get the most out of your living room and make it seem bigger.

First of all, it is necessary to take in account all the details.


  • It is not recommended to buy too small or too large furniture.
  • The objective is not to fill every empty space, but rather that the room organization be harmonious and coherent, and to have enough space to move around your stuff.
  • The best is to plan how to organize the furniture and how to arrange it if you want to make a new acquisition.
  • Write down your options and solutions in a list and even draw a plan to visualize the way to fit everything.
  • A very important aspect is the color palette, so don’t forget this important aspect.

How to distribute the space in the living room.

One important and essential element to take into account is that you distribute everything to your preferences. So, find an important piece, furniture or decorative element, that you want to highlight, to be the focal point of your décor, and build around it. Take also in consideration the measurements of your living room, because they are very important and will definitely define the distribution style. Take for example, a large room. You can separate the furniture from the walls and create different areas to make it more stylish, elegant, and versatile. In this sense, you can put a desk for your work space, as well as a comfy reading corner or a specific area for your children to play.

It also is important to create an area for conversation with sofa and chairs that make it cozy.

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