How to Enhance the Appearance of an Enclosed Porch and So the Overall Look of Your Home

In many ways, an enclosed porch is similar with a conservatory. However, unlike the Conservatory, an enclosed porch is the transition room, between the outside and inside of your home.

Usually, an enclosed porch has many windows, thus making it a bright room.

There are so many ways to remodel an enclosed porch.

First, you should consider that an enclosed porch is the first impression of a visitor about your home.

In addition, remodeling an enclosed porch will increase the value of your home.

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Choose the Right Color

Choosing the right color is critical.
A well-chosen color will enhance the appearance of the porch, giving a sense of style and elegance.
A pastel color will make the room seem larger.
Try to choose a color that will not distract you from the outside view.
More than that choose a light color, which harmonize perfectly with the outside landscape.
You can choose any of these colors, green, blue, soft white, bone white, and yellow.
More importantly is the shade and tone of the color.
Work only with light and soft nuances.

Choose the Right Window Coverings

As I mentioned before, a closed porch is has many similarities with a conservatory. One similarity is the large number of windows.
Therefore, choosing the right window coverings is important in the overall look of the porch.
Curtains or drapes are not indicated. For an enclosed porch, you need privacy and light.
The best solutions of window coverings are any kind of blinds. In particular, wooden blinds create an elegance and comfort effect.

Choose the Right Flooring

When choosing the right type of floor, you must consider the transitional role of the enclosed porch. You need a type of flooring durable, easily maintained and cleaned.

Therefore, a good choice would be tile, slate or concrete flooring.

For a nice look you can add exterior decorative rugs. They are durables and aesthetics in the same time.

Decorate Your Porch Depending on the Outdoor Theme

Give vent to your artistic inclinations and decorate your enclosed porch depending on the outdoor theme.

a) If you are living on the ocean shore, choose a nautical décor.
b) If you are living in the countryside, choose a rustic décor.
c) If you are living in the mountains, choose a décor to represent a forest.
d) If you are living in a city, choosing a style can be more complex. You can choose between contemporary, modern or a futuristic style.

Choose the Right Furniture

Your porch furniture should be casual, light and comfortable.
Actually, what kind of furniture would be suitable for your porch?
Maybe a coffee table and armchairs. Maybe a wooden showcase or other wooden furniture pieces.
However, the list is open.

Display Plants

With so many windows and much light, it would be a shame not to choose some beautiful exotic plants for your enclosed porch.
Display plants in bright colored pots.

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