How to find a rug that matches the living room items

Which rugs go great with a gray sofa?

It is perhaps, the most frequently asked question when people buy a carpet or area rug for the living room today. After all, gray is the most common sofa. Although gray color matches almost everything most of us still find it difficult to choose the color of the rug.

Beautiful Area Rug

Everyone wants to decorate cozy, stylish, and warm the interior of his home and have discovered that an area rug makes a huge difference.

Well, it is true that it can be quite difficult to choose, because it is a large selection rugs and carpets for the living room.

But going back to our question of what matches a gray color sofa, the simple answer is that almost all rugs and carpets are suitable. More than that they will give your gray sofa a more aesthetical look.

In my opinion the biggest mistake in interior design is not having a rug or carpet.

If there is no rug in front of the sofa, the living room feels bare, making it difficult to look comfortable and cozy.

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But let’s back to our theme for today article.

Area rug always a cozy trend

Without textiles and rugs, it is quite difficult to make living room cozy and elegant. As well as looking beautiful, a rug provides warmth to frozen feet, and it dampen the sound. Of course, there are many questions to ask yourself when it comes to buy an area rug:

Β· What color should the rug be?

Β· Should the new rug color match the walls, sofa, or the floor?

Β· How will the whole dΓ©cor look with a patterned area rug?

Β· How large should it be the new area rug? etc.

Smart advice for who are going to buy an area rug

Start by figuring out what you want the new rug to do and how it will integrate in the whole interior decor.

Should there be a contrast and bright up a neutral background? Should it make the living room stylish, elegant, or more comfortable, cozier, and relaxed?

What does your living room look like?

However, if there is already a little color in the room, it can be a real improvement with an area rug that adds more color and creates contrast.

Take for example, a living room in a neutral color palette, gray walls, and gray sofa. Of course, a colored carpet will fit very well. Almost all colors go well with a grey background.

If there is a vivid color palette and pattern in your living room, a gray carpet will be beneficial to the decor. And something else. It always is a good idea to choose an area rug that is the same color as the color of the wall or the floor.

Look at the wall color

And speaking about the color of the wall.

In this case, should the room floor be covered with a rug in the same color, or will there be too much of the same color?

We have seen that you have grey walls and a gray sofa, the room could well be covered with an area rug in a different color.

Carpet that matches the color of the floor

The carpet should have an approximative shade that plays with the color of the floor.

Therefore, before buying a new rug check what color the floor has.

Of course, if you already have too many different colors in your living room, a carpet in a color similar to the floor color is a good choice.

How big should the new area rug be?

Go for an area rug that is not so large as the living room sofa, but at the same time not too small. If the carpet is too small, the whole dΓ©cor will look cramped.

All area rugs usually come in several sizes. Therefore, it is a good idea to take all the measurements of the living room and the furniture before buying your new rug.

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