ThruLok Fasteners – Better than Bolts

“FastenMaster” products are very popular in U.S. and Canada. This company creates a unique and innovative line of wood screws, trap and hidden deck screws for many structural types of fastener applications.

In fact, “FastenMaster” has recently introduced a smart and innovative type of “screw-in bolt”, which in fact, replaces the old kind ½ in. through bolts. These screw-in bolts, known as “ThruLok” are indeed extremely useful for complex carpentry works, such as deck construction.

Deck Bolts
ThruLock Deck Fastener

Why are they so innovative and useful?

The answer is simple and any skilled carpenter will appreciate this new product, which will facilitate their work. You don’t need anymore to drill a hole before inserting a bolt. Just insert the head of ThruLok in a screwdriver or a drill and you can screw easily your “smart bolt” making a sturdy connection between two wood pieces.

ThruLok can replace (more or less) many kinds of bolts such as ½ threaded bolts and can be even compared with 2 ½ in. threaded bolts. They are usually used to bolt notched posts to beams, rim joists to posts or blocking to posts.

ThruLoks come in three different lengths such as 6 ¼ in., 7 in. and 8 in.

Installing a ThruLok Fastener

Installing a ThruLok fastener is extremely easy; you only need to follow a few simple steps.

1| Drive your fastener through the wood pieces and stop when its tip is out with a length of about 1/8 in.;
2| Spin the shaped nut finger (Hershey’s Kiss) onto the threads of the screw;
3| Using your drill or driver, drive the ThruLok fastener until the washer is screwed completely;
4| Complete your job until the fastener is tight into its nut and pull the two wooden pieces tightly together.
5| Make sure if the TruLok fastener is securely attached checking the two small nut windows showing that the screw is securely attached.

As you can see the installation process is simple; it takes only a few seconds for the drill to drive the fastener through the wood. The blot threads engage very fast driving the fastener instantly through the wood.

The price is between $2.50 and $ 3.25 depending of quantity and the lengths of bolts. They are available at every lumber dealers across Canada and U.S.

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