How to Find Your Furnishing and Decorating Style

Tips and ideas that can help

The question of choosing a design style, in other words of your own furnishing and decorating style worries everyone.

After all, everybody wants a comfortable and elegant home interior.

So, we are asking ourselves:

Do I prefer my home interior to be minimalistic?

Is the vintage or retro style the right one for my home interior?

Or maybe I prefer a nautical style and bring the sea into my life.

There are so many styles and variants to choose from. In fact, your home interior reflects who you are and your lifestyle.

But you do not need to focus just to a single design style. After all, our contemporary life is so complex that you need a mix of styles in your home interior.

You can see that in most of the contemporary apartments is a harmonious mix of style with influences from all over the world and from many eras.

We have uploaded hundred of videos in our YouTube channel regarding the furnishing and decorating styles from Scandinavian inspired design style to midcentury and modern style.

Read this post and watch tree videos from the YouTube channel “Grig Stamate”, You will find here absolutely amazing ideas. Check out the beautiful images in 4K and get inspired.

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Collect creative ideas

It is quite hard to find the right furnishing idea for your home. There is a lot of information online that will confuse you.

So, a good idea is to start intuitively.

Your preferred colors make you feel good

Hardly anything influences your mood and affect the look of the room as much as colors. Everyone feels differently and needs different color combinations to feel comfortable in his home interior.

So, opt for your preferred colors and combine them harmoniously.

Photo by Parlay Interiors, llcSearch home office design ideas

And do not forget that.

“A home is much, much more than furniture, finishes, and decorative accessories”.

We said that in our previous posts. It is so true. Your home needs to represent you and its interior is much, much more than a chosen design style.

We sincerely hope that our video and post can help you.

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