How to Have a Perfect Organized House after Your Holiday

Do not throw away your empty bottles, wrapping paper rolls and other clutter left over after your holiday. There are great solutions for them.

1. How Empty Wine Bottles Can Make Your Bathroom Beautifully

To dispense soap for your bathroom sink, you can use a beautiful wine or Champagne bottle. Just fill it with liquid soap and add a pour spout, you can found one at Walmart or Home Depot. You can keep the label, or you can easy peel it off by using a cotton ball soaked with nail polish.

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2. How to Use an Empty Bottle to Serve Your Water

If you will keep your drinking water in an empty wine bottle, and you will serve to your guest, they going to be impress. Another thing is that, you will protect your family from BPA and other chemicals that might be found in plastic bottles. You can add a bottle cap and keep your water in the fridge.

3. How to Use Packing Peanuts to Grow Your Plants

If you love houseplants, you can grow them. Just line your pot with some packing peanuts before you add the soil, and your plants will thrive. Styrofoam holds in moisture so, your plant will always have the perfect amount of water. Because you will need less soil, the pot will be lighter to carry.

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4. How to Make Your Home to Smell Wonderful

If you want your bathroom to smell fresh longer, you need to place some Styrofoam packing peanuts in a jar and spritz them with your favourite air freshener. The Styrofoam will lock in the scent of your sweet aroma and is going to last for days.

5. How to Use Empty Wrapping Paper Rolls to Preserve Your Precious Memories

The thing you want to keep, you can simply roll them into the tube for safekeeping, than label the outside cardboard. You can preserve your children art treasures.

When you will put away your Christmas light, wrap them around an empty paper roll so, they will be perfectly protect.

6. How to Use Bubble Wrap to Protect Your Produce

You can keep your produce fresh longer. Just line in your drawer a sheet of bubble wrap. The wrap will act as a soft cushion, preventing bruising and keeping everything fresh and cold. It also makes cleaning up easier.

If you want to protect your clothes from hanger’s creases, cover your hangers with bubble wrap. Just place it over the wire and secure with tape. The cushioning will protect your clothes from wrinkles and you will always look great.