Luxury and electronics move into the bathroom

Bathrooms are becoming more and more digitized

The bathroom, like the rest of our home interior, is increasingly becoming more and more digitized.

For example, modern toilets have multiple functions, we have now touch-free faucets, and the mirror’s LED lighting can be adjusted in many color tones and strong or dimed lights. These new innovations increase the comfort and luxury feeling of contemporary bathrooms.

Modern Bathroom

Today, automation and digitization of our homes has gradually also reached the bathroom. We cannot live anymore without gadgets.

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Electronic devices for everything

We have got electronic devices such as a built-in radio or even TV in the bathroom mirror, touch-free fixtures, and smart shower faucets with the possibility to set certain preferences in relation to water temperature or water strength.

The today toilet

Today, the toilet can clean you after use. See the amazing Japanese models, which in my opinion are the best. Obviously, that makes our everyday life much easier and more importantly, more hygienic.

Another interesting and fantastic invention is the toilet with the air extraction of bad odors and without a flush rim. These toilets are in huge demand. After all, fear of a new epidemic and hygiene are taking up more space in our daily routine after the corona epidemic.

More and more homes are adapting to the new digital solutions

Although, many industry professionals have not yet fully adapted to the digital solutions in the bathroom, more and more brand-new homes, apartments, and condominiums are embracing the new digital solutions for bathrooms.

In conclusion, the bathroom remains an important room in our homes. The new design here moves away from the old kind of bathroom and becomes more automized and digitized.

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