How to Have a Shabby Chic Home

Shabby chic style start to gain more and more ground among people, who want to have a house designed elegant, but giving it a look of vintage décor.

Basically, to decorate a shabby chic style home (shabby but elegant) is not difficult but require special attention to detail. The comfort, the beauty of imperfections, the look of worn objects, and the impression of a return in time are the foundations for shabby chic style.

The question is: Do you want a shabby chic house?

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If you want a shabby chic home décor, you should keep in mind the color palette. Pastel shades or colors that remind you something old from your grandmother’s time, are specific to shabby chic style.

Choose decorations and fabrics in shades of pink, beige, blue, green, lavender, lilac, white-yellow or yellow. Of course, there may be always small color accents to revive the atmosphere.


Prints occupy a privileged place in shabby chic décor, but not every print is accepted. For an authentic shabby chic décor, it is advisable to use especially floral materials. Inclusive wallpaper and carpets must have floral prints.

When he started promoting shabby chic décor style in the late 80s, designer Rachel Ashwell have relied on floral power to create a home with modern sophistication, feminine and romantic. Lace and cotton are the main materials that you can use for decorative pillows, bed linen and tablecloths.

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Shabby chic decor can be highlighted only with antique-looking pieces of furniture, a concept that actually stand behind this style: shabby, meager things combined harmoniously with feminine prints and colors.

In stores with vintage furniture and decorations you can certainly find comfortable, tables, chairs and wardrobes with an antique look. However, if you cannot find vintage furniture but you can get old or second hand furniture, painted in several oil layers, you can handle yourself to make it have an “antique look”.

The paint that comes off revealing the age of the furniture is a must in shabby chic style. Even the new furniture pieces can be transformed into vintage, but for that they should be painted in multiple layers and then the paint should be sanded until getting a worn and distressed look.


Decorations are also very important for the shabby chic style. It is essential that they to be vintage.

Large wall clocks, teapots with floral motif, cages, worn wooden photo frames, paintings that seem to be old, carved wooden mirror frames, retro fixtures, everything complete shabby chic decor.