How to Keep Plumbing Lines in Tact when Replacing Sinks, Toilets, etc.

When you are doing remodeling, you should take in consideration many factors. Remodeling your bathrooms and kitchens imply sinks, toilets, tub, etc. replacing too. But, how to keep plumbing lines in tact when you are doing the job?

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Let’s see some tips:

1.      The most important thing to remember is that before starting the job you should disconnect the plumbing lines. Otherwise, it’ll be a mess if you are pulling on the sink or toilet too hard you’ll bend or twist and end up ruining the plumbing lines.
2.      Protect the lines and make room in your working area. It is a good idea to tie lines together with tape or brackets and lay them along the wall, out of the way. Protect them from dust and debris. Cover the openings with tape or stuff inside a piece of cloth to prevent dust and debris get down the pipes.
3.      Mark the cold water pipe with blue color and hot water pipe with red, or whatever. Make sure you know which one is it when you are going to hook back your sink or toilet.

4.      Be very careful when you are installing the new sink or toilet back. Plan carefully and in detail your job and read the manufacturer instruction. Install the fixtures first and then go back and hook in the pipes. Do not mix the priorities.
5.      In fact, the fifth tip should be the fourth one. Make sure that, you’ve got everything you need to hook your new sink or toilet in to the plumbing lines. Check if you need new fittings for connection. Maybe you can use some from the old fittings.

These are only a few tips to make a good job. Remember any remodeling start with a carefully planning, and try to figure out the easiest and safest way to keep your plumbing lines in tact.

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