How to Level Uneven Concrete Floors for Maximum Flatness

Concrete floor surfaces can be affected over time due to different factors such as an uneven settling, leading to dips or high spots and cracks. Basement concrete floors are the most exposed to damages due to excessive moisture.

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The result is an ugly, uneven and damaged basement floor.

That can be unsafe for your family and decrease the value of your home.

You have two options. One is the complete removal of the old concrete floor and pouring of a new one. It is an expensive and impractical solution.

The second option is to level the old concrete floor. This is an easy job requiring only pretty hard physical work.

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Steps to Take:

1)    First step is to clean your concrete floor. Remove all your stuff from the room. Also, consider removing the linoleum, tiles, baseboards, etc, until the job is done.
2)    Using a level on a straight wooden board sweep, the floor surface and mark every high spot and dip.
3)    Before starting pouring the concrete, you should level the high spots. Using a concrete grinder level all the high spots of the floor.
4)    Vacuum the floor to remove any debris and concrete dust.
5)    Mix the concrete leveling compound according with the manufacturer instruction, until to a creamy consistency.
6)    Carefully pour the primer-leveling compound onto the concrete surface. Using a wide broom spread evenly the compound. Allow time to compound to dry.

7)    Now, if your concrete floor is really old, maybe you need two coats of primer.
8)    Next step is pouring of self-leveling compound concrete. Your compound should have a thicker consistency than primer.
NOTE: For basement floor, buy only compound made with Portland cement.
9)    Mix and spread the compound only to cover small areas. Do not forget that the compound hardens very quickly; therefore you need to work gradually, until the entire area is covered. The compound will level itself.
NOTE: Make sure you will have a smooth concrete surface without any bumps, therefore mix properly the leveling compound, until a homogenous consistency without any lumps.
10)           Even if the compound concrete will level itself, you should break the concrete tensions. Using a steel smoother wipe the entire floor area. This will create a nice, flat and smooth concrete surface.
11)           Allow time the concrete dry. The curing time depends very much on humidity and temperature.

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