How to Live Large in a Small Kitchen

You will be amazed how the right materials and the right finishes can transform a small kitchen look larger. From all the rooms inside of a home, the kitchen is the center of all activities. The kitchen is not only the place where you prepare the meals for your family, but is the place where you entertain, do the homework with your children, in a word is the most used room in your home.

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With the right design any kitchen will look larger.

 Your first step is to replace your solid cabinetry doors with glass

If you decide to renovate your small kitchen you have to have a plan: do a realistic budget, do your research to find the right materials, and stay positive is going to be a long process. Next is to go and visit home improvement stores and remodeling magazines to get the best solutions for your small kitchen.

The main focus in your plan should be on the storage, lighting, and appliances.

Second step is to use open shelves

Using every square inch in your kitchen is important. Often, in a small kitchen the space is limited to 2 walls only, so you can increase your space by going vertically. To have more storage, use the full height cabinets.

A solution to add pullout shelves, rotating inserts and built out bins to increase your accessibility and your storage within the cabinets.

Another solution is to choose white or light colour for your cabinets, or even better go with open shelves. With this makeover your kitchen is going to be efficient and look stylish.

Your counter and kitchen floor should be similar in texture and tone. This design tip will make a small kitchen looks larger then in reality.

Third step is to use more lights

If you are adding skylight visually your kitchen is going to look larger. Another thing is to add led under your cabinet. If there is a possibility use a pendent light over your eating area, to highlight your space.

The last step is to use space saving appliances

A good idea for your small kitchen will be to keep your cook top and your oven in the same area and included your microwave into the cabinets. In the end do a personal touch to your kitchen a crystal bowl with red or green apples in it, or a color shiny vase with same gorgeous flowers in it is going to bring a spot of color to your new kitchen.

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