How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Larger

 Small apartment rooms or old houses with low ceilings give you a feeling of discomfort. Fortunately, a proper design can help you to make a small bedroom look bigger and brighter.

Five tips that help you make a small bedroom look larger

Let’s look at some tips on choosing furniture and design elements, so that you have a spacious and modern bedroom.

1. Use colors in your favor

Today, the colors make all the difference, especially the light ones, such as ivory or blue, that go very well together. It is an optical illusion, of course. It is well known that the choice of light colored paint will make the space seem wider and ventilated. To achieve the desired effect, it is recommended a combination of colors such as white and light blue or light green and white. White can be used especially for the ceiling, which will seem higher and walls can be painted in any color, but also a soft shade.

2. Light is very important

Light is very important, primarily natural light. If the windows are large, then a lot of natural light enters the room and you will be really surprised how large will look your bedroom. Large windows will always give you the impression that your space is not limited and confined between four walls. However, if you do not have too much natural light, then you can use some lamps or light fixtures, depending on your preference.

3. Be organized

The more you keep your bedroom cleaner and organized, the more it will seem larger. If you have a lot of stuff, try to store them in an intelligent way and not throw them on the floor or let them sit on bed.

Do not stick photos on the walls, and do not hang too many pictures – better choose a large painting that will cover most of the wall.

Create a central focal point – an object that attracts attention. For the bedroom is, for example, the bed. Make “star” of the room, from this central point and arrange the other elements, so they seem minimal compared to it and limit the number of accessories and knick-knacks.
Keep the floor as clean as possible.

4. Mirror an important item

Mirrors make the rooms seem larger. After choosing the “point of interest” which is the bed, place the mirror behind it to give the impression of space. Also, mirrors amplify light, both natural and artificial, and placing it near the window or luminaries will bring you the desired results. In fact you can even choose a wardrobe with mirrors.

5. Organize your furniture in an intelligent way

Recently have appeared all kinds of interior design solutions that try to solve the space problem.
The bed can be used as a wardrobe, desk as a library and walls can support different media on which to place the objects.

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