How to Prepare Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Concrete is an extremely durable material that is suitable for a wide range of construction projects, such as poles, frames, beams, floors, sidewalks, planters, countertops, etc. Because is a versatile construction material, concrete can be used also in interior and exterior design and artistic projects such as statuary.

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Although concrete is a strong material, highly resistant to compression is however a composite material with very low tensile strength, less than 10% of its compressive strength. It is therefore absolutely necessary the reinforcement of concrete in most construction projects.

One way to do that, to increase the concrete strength, making it stronger but keeping it light is to reinforce it with glass fibers. You need special manufactured glass fibers for concrete reinforcement because otherwise concrete, which has a high alkalinity, will react with ordinary glass fibers eroding them.

Materials and Tools

– Cement, Pea Gravel, Sand, Wetting Agent
– Special Glass Fibers for Concrete Reinforcement
– Concrete mixer
– Gloves, Dust Mask


1| Add one part cement and two parts sand in your concrete mixer and mix them dry.

2| Add three parts pea gravel and mix your dry ingredients again.

3| Mixing all the time pour slowly water inside the concrete mixer until your concrete is completely wet but not too soupy. Still mixing add wetting agent. Use only the recommended amount of wetting agent.

4| When concrete is the desired consistency you can stop and you are ready for pouring.

5| Your concrete should flow gently. Spread it inside the formwork but not more than half of its height.

6| Add no more than 2 ½ -lbs of the glass fibers per 50-cubic feet of concrete. Mix them with the remaining concrete from your concrete mixer.

NOTE: Do not forget to always, wear protection gear when you are working with glass fibers such as long sleeves, dust mask and gloves.

7| Pour slowly your reinforced concrete into your formwork and allow it time to dry.

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