Why Carry Your Dog Food from His Bowl in another Room

I’m sure you noticed this phenomenon often. It may seem strange but once you put the food your dog in bowl, he take something in his mouth, go to another room, put food on the floor and eat there.

And then he goes again to the bowl and the scene is repeated.

That does not seem to be a very effective way to eat, doesn’t it? Besides, he also leaves some crumbs on the carpet.

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What actually happens in your dog’s mind?

First of all, there is the pack mentality. It is something instinctual, imprinted in his gene. Perhaps, he feels that he is not alpha dog type and he will take quickly the food from his bowl to protect it.

When they catch their prey, wild animals tear pieces of it, and then leaves to prevent a hazardous and dangerous fighting with the leader or other members of the pack more dominant, explains Julie Albright, veterinarian and canine psychologist at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

“The fight is very hazardous, so most animals, especially the peaceful and gentle ones, will do everything possible to avoid these terrible clashes,” says Albright. Although there is no question of competition in your home, especially if you have only one dog, this is an instinctive habit, which has been inherited.

There is however still an explanation: if you use stainless steel bowls, dog can be scared by the noises made by food balls when moving or by the noise produced by its collar touching the bowl, explains doctor.

How can you unlearn him to carry his food away?

If you want your dog to get rid of his habit of carrying food to another room, replace his bowls.

“If he still carries his food from the bowl, find him a place to feel safe when he can eat in peace. If you have more dogs in your house, then feed them separately, to give them privacy and to no longer feel in a competition, whether real or imaginary, “says Albright.

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