How to Remove Air from Your House Water Pipes

For many homeowners their home plumbing system is something mysterious and unknown. Certainly, something unknown, it is also scary and most of the owners hope that everything will go well with their house water pipes.

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In reality, a plumbing system is not a complicated system. Nobody asks you to be perfect plumber but with a little basic plumbing knowledge and some skills, you can solve easily many plumbing issues that otherwise would cost you pretty much.

It is not always necessary to call a plumber. There are many small plumbing issues that you can solve them. Among them, it is the air in the water pipes. It is so annoying when you turn on your faucet and instead of water, you get only air or a gently rustling. Air is probably, trapped inside the water pipes but in most cases is easy for you to fix this issue. This air trapped or “airlock” can be found in cold water pipes but especially in hot water pipes. It prevents water to flow freely.

1| Use a Hosepipe

The easiest way to solve this problem is to use a hosepipe with secure connections at both ends.

– Connect an end to a main cold fed water faucet such as the main tap of the kitchen.
– Connect the other end to the affected faucet.
– It is imperative that the two connections be airtight.
– Open first the affected faucet and then the kitchen tap. The cold water from the kitchen tap will come with high pressure cleaning the airlock. Keep the two taps wide open for a few minutes.
– Turn off first the affected tap and then the kitchen tap.
– You should repeat this operation two or three times.

2| Drain out all of the water pipes

Removing or bleeding the air from the water pipes is usually the best solution. In fact, this solution “bleeding the air” is applied to radiators but can also be an easy successful solution for water pipes.

In fact, bleeding the air means to drain down all the water pipes.

– The first step is to turn off the main water fed. Any homeowner should know where the stopcock is. In an emergency case, such as flood you need to turn off the water.
– Open all from inside and from outside of your home and let the water drain out from the pipes.
– Once the water has stopped, you need close to three quarters of all the valves.
– Turn back on the water fed and then turn on a little every tap. Start with the lower positioned taps. Turn on the taps increasingly more until the water has a constant flow.
– You should repeat this action several times until you can see a constant water flow emanating from every tap. In fact, you should close and open each tap in part to make sure the airlock has been removed.

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