How to Remove the Unpleasant Odors of the Wood Furniture

Depending on how old is the furniture and the type of wood from which it is made, the odor removal can be indeed a real challenge. Moreover, the source that generated this odor also dictates if your chosen method will work or not. Therefore, you will probably need to try more than one method to ensure that the remedy works.

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Let’s see together five tips that will help remove odor of the wooden furniture. Be patient when working with wood furniture because usually wooden objects have an artistic and sentimental value that you want, of course, to keep it for a long time.

1. Dehumidification: Wood is a porous material and therefore will absorb air, moisture and odors from the environment. So, if you live in an old house, poorly maintained and no renovated, then of course your wood furniture will absorb over time, the smell of mold from the basement, attic or garage. A good idea would be to move the pieces of furniture in a room, which features air conditioning and the humidity level is relatively low. It is good also to use a dehumidification device. Close the doors and windows of the room and leave the wooden furniture items for a few days in that room. After a few days, you will notice that this method gives good results.

2. Sanding and Refinishing: Sanding with sand original finish of the furniture in order to allow the wood to breathe for a few days is another way to remove odors. Again, it is recommended to leave your furniture in a conditioned space, so that it will not absorb moisture or another odors.

Select, then a bait paint and refinish the surface by applying 2-3 coats of it and allowing the solution to dry completely between paintings. Finally, apply a clear coat (lacquer) over stained furniture to protect the color and keep out the air and moisture.

3. Wood Soap: You should know that most times, germs and bacteria present inside it are guilty of its unpleasant odor. This happens especially if the wood furniture was left in an environment characterized by high humidity for a long time. In this case it is advisable to use a product like: wood soap that is used for cleaning and killing germs and bacteria inside the wood. However, before using read carefully the manufacturer’s instructions.

Use the soap thoroughly on all edges and corners on furniture and along the lower parts as handles to make sure that the entire surface of the wood was well covered. Allow the furniture to dry and then see if this method was indeed effective.

4. Sun Exposure: The idea behind this method is the same as for dehumidification. Sunlight will help dry out the wood and will remove mold odors. If you live in a dry climate with low relative humidity, try to keep the wood out. This method can give very good results if the musty smell is not too persistent.

5. Substances against Odors: If you have solid wood furniture will be quite difficult to apply the methods that were mentioned above. So it is wise to try simple and easy methods. Put coffee beans or a piece of charcoal in a small open container. Place these containers inside the furniture drawers. Check in a few days if the smell is the same and change the contents of the containers, if necessary. Charcoal is a natural substance that can absorb and remove the musty smell from furniture.

CONCLUSION: Do not avoid your favorite antique stores or flea markets for the fear of that heavy smell of wood furniture for sale. There are many ways to remove those odors.

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