How to renovate your kitchen

Update your kitchen for a better function

Renovating your old kitchen is about solving a function as well as appearance (aesthetics).

It is obvious that if you own a massive, solid, old kitchen, there are many great opportunities for a successful update.

These old by high-quality kitchens are surely worth updating and preserving their features in order to adapt to all contemporary needs.

Beautiful Small Kitchen

And speaking about preserving and updating. Below you will find a clever tip on how to create good roll drawers and a better overview of the cupboards.

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More and more people as well as interior designers are questioning the idea of tearing out a mostly good and fully functional kitchens because they are not satisfied with the look of the countertop, fittings, or cabinet doors.

We need a smart renovation of our kitchens.

That means keeping as much as possible from the old one.

Of course, that is good both for our budget and from a sustainability perspective.

What is required is a little ingenuity, inspiration, patience and a little more time to come up with clever solutions.

Many renovating options when you own a solid, massive, high-quality kitchen

So, letโ€™s back to our design theme. If you are the lucky owner of a solid, high-quality, and massive kitchen, there are great opportunities to update the kitchen to today’s trends and needs with the help of some functional solutions and certainly a new paint.

You should also not forget the charm of an old, solid kitchen contributes.

Letโ€™s take for example an old kitchen with solid wooden doors and solid frame. In this case you have the opportunity to keep most of the kitchen features.

You just need to sand off all the old paint on cabinet doors and frames and after that to repaint them with one or two coats of fresh paint.

Perhaps, you also need to replace the old wooden worktop with a new and trendy countertop. And that it is.

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Sluggish old drawers get a new role

Those of you who are familiar with old kitchens know very well that the drawers are often anything but easy to push or pull out.

You need to fix them in order to update the kitchen to the contemporary requirements.

One way to solve the problem of jamming drawers is to install new drawer rails.

You can find more about this in our future posts.

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