How to Sell a House Quickly in a Slowing Housing Market

We live in times of uncertainty and selling a house today is becoming an increasingly more difficult task. Negative market trend is manifested both in the U.S. and more recently in Canada.

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Unfortunately, there are no reasons to be too optimistic. No one can predict what happens but obviously, there are not yet signs of recovery too fast. More and more homeowners become frustrated when trying to list their home to sell.

Fortunately, even on a bad housing market, you can find many tips and strategies that can help you to sell your home quickly and at a good price.

All you need is to stay organized and to focus on your goal. Also, it is very important to give your home a facelift. Spend some time and money and put a little work into making the necessary repairs. You might be pleasantly, surprised by the results.

Let’s see together several tips that can help you in your enterprise.

Home Makeover

Any Realtor knows very well that first impression has the greatest impact on potential buyers. Therefore, before showing your property make sure your home look flawless. Your effort will give good results in the end.

One of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to refresh the look of your home is painting. Choose warm or neutral colours that will improve the look of your home and will make a great first impression.

However, do not forget to remove all your personal items as photographs or pictures. Your house should look as a neutral and spacious property. Therefore, de-cluttering is absolutely a necessity for any homeowner that wants to sell his property.

In fact, a potential buyer wants to see your house not your stuff. You need to remove your furniture and place it in a storage.

Do an overall inspection of your home before listing it on the market. Make all the necessary little repairs. Fix a dripping faucet, replace all the burnt bulbs, etc.

Do not forget your landscape. First, you need to update your landscape. Mow your grass and trim the shrubs. Remember your primary goal. Your property has to make a great first impression. It is almost impossible to make a potential homebuyer to change his mind and to come back to look at your property if he has already crossed off from his list.

Do not hesitate to make small improvements and renovations. They will get their money back in the end.

Did You Know?

When you sell your home:

If you have renovated  your bathroom
You get back 69% of the money that you spent
If you have renovated your kitchen
You get back 79% of the money that you spent
If you install a fireplace
You get back 94% of the money that you spent

Sell Your Property 5-10% Below Market

Today, it is a buyer’s market therefore, you will hard times trying to sell your home. You need to attract the potential buyers and the best way is to market your house at a good price, a price below market price.

Do not add sentimental value to the real housing market price. On the contrary, try to set a price for your home at least 5-10% below market price.

Offer Incentives

Today housing market seems to be as ”well” as economy, in recession. As I said above, it is a buyers’ market. Therefore, you should make your offer more attractive and a smart way to do this is to offer incentives such as:

– Offering free paid pool services for a certain period of time;
– Paying closing costs;
– Offer a 2-5% bonus in top of the real estate agent contracted commission

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