Energy Efficient Windows – Buying Tips

Replacing the windows of your home is a pretty serious investment. But in fact, the cost is not the only factor when you want to buy new windows for your home.

Equally important is the choice of energy efficient windows that can improve the level of the comfort and help to reduce your overall energy costs.

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Energy Efficient Window

It is quite difficult to choose the best windows and sometime it can be even confusing. Nowadays there is a wide range of products on the market and many manufacturers claim that they have the best windows.

Generally, this wide offer is only to your advantage, the buyer. You can choose the best windows for you in terms of price and quality. But how can you know that these windows are indeed efficient windows, as they are promoted by the manufacturer.

In fact, the intent of this article is to help you as a buyer to find the high quality products that can make the inside of your home more comfortable and also to significantly reduce the overall energy consumption.

Check for Ratings

Doing your own research is the best thing to know how efficient a window type is, although you can find a lot of information from your hired contractor.

First of all, your brand new windows should have an U-factor, which is the window’s ability to conduct heat. You need to know this number and thus to make a comparison between manufacturers. Actually, this U-factor (or U-value) is the opposite of R-value that is a measure of thermal resistance and based on which is calculated the thickness or the quantity of insulation required.

But back to the U-factor. An energy efficient window has a low U-factor with a decreased ability to transfer heat between indoors and outdoors. In other words, an energy efficient window will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

However, usually you can find listed only the R-value, without the U-value, which is less used. Therefore, in this case you have to rely on this value to choose the right windows for your home. The best energy efficient windows should have a two or three rating.

Quality and Cost

As I mentioned above, these windows are available in a wide range on the market. It is virtually impossible not to find the type or model that is appropriate for your home style. Although at first glance some models are quite expensive, remember that they will worth the money in the long run. A good energy efficient window will worth your investment. They will reduce significantly the energy spent on heating or cooling of the home.

Besides the practical aspect, you need windows that have to be in harmony with the general appearance of the building. They have to be easy to maintain and attractive windows that can increase the overall value of your home.

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