How to do Your Best Halloween Decoration Ever

Following some easy steps, is going to make your home an eerie invitation to neighborhood trick- or –treaties.

Make Your Stairway to Smiles.

The easy way to give your home holiday spirit is to perch some friendly pumpkins on the steps leading to your porch.

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Decorate More than Your Porch.

Do not decorate your porch only. Do more than that; line the entrance to your back yard with pumpkins and whole your family holiday spirit is going to be elevated.

Make It Simple.

You can keep your carving at minimum by painting your pumpkins with craft paint or permanent marker.

Have a Festive Display.

Add a few black cats, potted mums, pumpkins and cornstalks, witches or scarecrows. Your entrance is going to have the best decoration ever.

Protect Your Pumpkins.

The easier way to do this is to rub the cut surfaces with vegetable oil; the oil is going to keep your pumpkins moisturize.

Use Your Tree.

Turn pumpkins on their sides so the stems become their nose, and decorate their top with a witch hat. Then, you can carve the eyes or you can use a pair of glasses to decorate it.

Greeting the Autumn.

What you can do, is to paint one of your pumpkins in black, using a chalkboard

Paint and after that write a friendly greeting for everyone who pass by to see it.

Do not Forget Your Mailbox.

Dress up your mailbox with a whimsical web cover.

Do not Throw Away Kids Clothes.

You can stuff kid’s old clothes with newspaper and make them sit up straight with a stick in the back. Put a carve pumpkins into the stick, and top it off with a hat.

If you want, they can have hair; use dry cornstalks under their hat.

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Use Your Windows.

You can have the scarier house ever, if you decorate your windows with reusable window panels. Your panels will scare the whole your neighborhood.

Scare up smiles. Use a band of goofy ghosts.

Use Solar Lanterns.

Decorating with solar lanterns will help trick or treaties to find their way to your home.

Have an Eerie Entryway.

Hang a ghost bunting to your porch for a spooky greeting.

Have a Happy Halloween!