The Best Ways to Repair Faulty Christmas Tree Lights

You have merely spent many hours installing and adorning your Christmas tree for the holidays, and your friends and family are waiting for the Christmas tree lights on.  Unfortunately, your tree lights will flicker for a second and that’ all, darkness fills again your discreetly lit living room.

It is quite frustrating, but you need to keep your cool in front of your children for your family’s sake. Broken Christmas tree lights can be indeed a great disappointment and frustration for everybody. However, before throwing all the Christmas lights you should try several helpful tips that could help you fix them and perhaps you can light up your Christmas tree yet. If not, you still have only one option, to buy new ones. Anyway, these Christmas light strands aren’t too expensive so it is quite easy to replace them.

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1| Unplug your Christmas light strands and then plug them directly into a wall socket: Make sure you don’t have somehow a bad connection. If you have a nonworking light strand unplug this strand from the good light strands. Plug this nonworking strand straight into the extension cord or into a wall socket. In this way you will see if this strand is working though.  Maybe you’re lucky and the only problem was a bad connection.

2| Check for loose or damaged bulbs: Check every Christmas light strand and see if there is any missing or broken bulb. However, have patience and look very carefully at every bulb to make sure is not burn out or blackened. If you have a flickering strand take each bulb one by one and gently tap on them. If your light strand will blink when you touch a bulb then this bulb is the damaged or faulty one.

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NOTE: Unplug the light strand when you handle a broken or faulty bulb because otherwise you are in danger of being electrocuted, not to mention that a broken bulb can cut your fingers like a shard of glass.

In conclusion, check thoroughly every little socket of the strand with a working bulb. Insert this bulb into the strand sockets one after another.

3| Check the light strands location: Analyze carefully the location of your Christmas trees and implicitly, of the Christmas light strands and see if the problem is caused by location poor conditions.

If you use Christmas light strands outdoor, then make sure that they are not affected by water or moisture. Check if your light strands are not in a location where water settles or run or simply are not resting in water.

NOTE: Before doing that, you must unplug all the lights from outlet.

Dry or move them to another location.