Inseparable Elements of the Living Room – Fireplace and TV set

A living room with a fireplace and a TV set – the perfect place to rest and relax.

A TV and a fireplace are a must-have if you envision your living area as having a warm, homely feel. It will undoubtedly be more enjoyable to watch films in a setting like that.

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Inseparable Elements of the Living Room – Fireplace and TV set (video)

The key factor when arranging a living room with a fireplace and TV set.

The fireplace, and more specifically the fire inside of it, is linked to a sense of familiarity with nature and the past. The TV is a piece of contemporary technology, to be sure. Perhaps this is why some people find it difficult to fit a fireplace and a TV in the same room. While doing so, you can create a distinctive mood without sacrificing the usefulness of the layout by skillfully combining the two parts. It is even possible to mount the TV next to the fireplace on the same wall. But keep in mind that everything needs to be organized and approached properly.

Careful planning is essential when setting up a living area with a fireplace and a TV. Later, moving the TV is considerably more difficult than moving the armchair or table, whether it is standing on the TV cabinet or mounted to the wall. No mention of moving the fireplace will be made.

So, do you have any questions about how to set up a living room with a fireplace? Determine which fireplace you care about first.

You have a choice:

Gas fireplace: a traditional wood-burning fireplace with an open hearth or a closed chimney insert.

Bio fireplace; electric fireplace.

Advice: If you choose a classic fireplace, keep in mind not only that it will be permanently integrated into the architecture of the home and cannot be moved, but also that it is conceivable that the wood you use in the fireplace will stain the living room. The choice to install this type of fireplace in the living room is permanent.

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Fireplace in front of the TV

The first choice is to position the two components on the opposing sides of the space. You won’t need to be concerned about being distracted in this scenario. This is a fantastic alternative if you have a small living space with few possibilities for arrangement. However, keep in mind that, in rare circumstances, the flames may be reflected on the TV, depriving you of the chance to observe the fire from the comfort of your couch or armchair. For individuals who prefer to use the TV and the fireplace at various times throughout the day, a fireplace positioned in the living room in this manner is a wonderful choice. When reading, for example, the fireplace-equipped wall acts as additional inside insulation.

Fireplace and TV on one wall

While some do not suggest mounting the TV next to the fireplace, many think it is a fantastic idea. One of the most popular options is this. The TV is typically placed over or close to the fireplace. This technique will be most effective in a large space where you have access to a larger wall surface. Some contend that a fireplace might be distracting when viewing a movie, particularly if it is near the TV. Others will undoubtedly benefit from having the chance to occasionally view the “dancing” flames. As a result, you can see that this is a very personal issue.

Fireplace on the wall perpendicular to the TV

This setting strikes a balance between the two earlier choices. The fireplace is far enough away from the TV set so that you can observe the fire directly from the lounge furniture without it interfering with TV viewing. Additionally, there is no chance of flames reflecting on the TV. Another way to avoid the flames reflecting off the screen is to use a corner fireplace.

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