Interior Design for Your Home – Chinese Style

What Elements Do You Need for a Chinese Style Decoration in Your Home?

Globalization in this beginning of the century and the millennium has made ​​it possible, among others, the openness to innovative, unique and new concepts in terms of home interior design.

Chinese traditional decorating style is one of the favorite themes of many architects and designers. And it is not surprising given the age and sophistication that characterizes this ancient Asian culture which is the Chinese civilization.

When you look at any Oriental home you most admire their beauty and exotic opulence and at first glance, the style looks quite easy to replicate, but few people fully understand the basic principles of Chinese décor.

Dating back more than five thousands of years, this kind of interior design is based on the principles of simplicity, energy and nature. Through interior design, Chinese people does everything possible to achieve a communion between man and nature, so they use items that have a long tradition in Chinese culture and reflect these values ​​in people’s home.

The Simplicity of Chinese Decor

Simplicity is one of the fundamental principles that can be observed in the ancient art of Chinese interior design. The Chinese believe that the room should not be loaded and filled with decorative and insignificant elements.

However, what is important is the correct placement in the room of some of the most beautiful and valuable heirloom to create a good atmosphere. According to the basic principles of Chinese design, if you use fewer decorations, room remains spacious, bright and simple, reflecting the taste of the owner.

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Room Divider

Screen room divider is used in Chinese décor element being actually the focal point of any room.

It has both decorative as well as functional because it beautifully decorates the room, while providing the necessary privacy.These artworks that are room dividers are made of wood, bamboo, glass or metal.

Feng Shui in Chinese Design

The most principles of this design are based in fact, on Chinese Feng Shui, the ancient decorating tradition of the living space to achieve a harmonious environment.

It’s actually a spiritual discipline, more precisely, a guide based on certain directions, which can be easily examined carefully compared with the architectural methods and techniques used nowadays in home interior design. Thus, by applying Feng Shui principles in home decoration is desired that homeowners to fully enjoy the meticulously and carefully arranged furniture, decorations and accessories so that living space to convey happiness, health and of course, love.

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