Paintings – Part of Your Home Identity

Some of us love abstract others want less romantic paintings or conversely, choose romantic themes such as flowers or landscapes. In fact, we are all different and it is our choice to adorn the walls of our home with what we want.

Whether it is the image of bohemian woman sipping coffee, the image of old streets, or a portrait, what we put on the walls is part of our personalities.

With respect to how they should be positioned on walls, make sure the paintings match with the overall style of your home. This is critical. Everything must be on the same theme, have the same subject and shades of colors.

Furniture style, the era that it brings in the room atmosphere, the style that you want to address in your home are key elements that should not be ignored.

Eclectic style is the style of the year. Nowadays, the mixture of styles, their harmonious combination has become an art. Interior design magazines also help us by giving us important suggestions. What I want to say is that today you can be fully informed.

Anyway, let’s see some tips that you should keep in mind:

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Hallway: In the hallway is not usually placed an important painting because the hall is a passage room, and it can be easily overlooked. It is recommended small drawings with tiny frames that can be enjoyed quickly.

Living Room: In the living room you can give free rein to your imagination. However, a large and valuable painting, placed above the sofa will always have a special aesthetic effect.

Bedroom: For the bedroom you can choose floral, warm decor, anything that makes you feel better and more importantly, to relax. Warm colors, helps you relax and have a restful sleep.

Kitchen: In the kitchen, you can choose a clock, far from trivial, or a painting in the style of the kitchen. However, your painting must also be matched with curtains or blinds, but attention should be paid to the material from which this painting is made, not to be affected by the steam.

The selection and arrangement of artistic paintings allow the correction of overall decorative errors and their dominant colors give an added value to your home. For those of us who are passionate about to decorate their home, paintings is one of the key points and the best way to express our ideas through images that materialize our dreams.

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