French Rustic – Style Kitchen

From the smallest details of the interior design to exterior architecture, French houses, amaze through elegance, charm, good taste and last but not least through ingenuity and creativity.

In fact, we can say that the French style is a harmonious combination between the chic Parisian metropolitan style and the rural French style. This style of interior design can be adopted easily in any home usually kitchens are the most suitable for this type of design.

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However, French kitchen design can have a much broader interpretation. Preserving the basics that define this style, the homeowners bring their own unique and imaginative contribution, making the result to be an original one. Even you, if you give free rein to your imagination, you will have the option to create a more authentic French decor or to bring a few specific influences on this style.

Colour: Colour is the main element that defines a French kitchen and this design style incorporates a wide range of colors and their combinations, such as:

  • – blue and white, blue and yellow,
  • – red and white, red and yellow
  • – classic white or the subtle combination black and white.

Contrast: Such décor is generally based on the contrast to highlight elements but also to get a more dramatic picture. Thus, neutral tones blend discreetly with shades of scarlet and gold giving a rustic, old but cozy and comfortable look to the room where it is applied. However, the most preferred colours are the slightly faded ones, with an antiqued look.

Furniture: The furniture pieces specific to this style are distinguished by the massiveness but elegance and accented through strong curves. They are oversized and with rounded edges. The furniture is often made ​​of solid wood and painted with specific motifs but yet is preserved in simple lines, without excessive ornamentation. Varnished, with traces of peeled paint or rust stains, French furniture, presents a unique, ancient, old look, details that give charm and uniqueness to the house.

Kitchen Island: Most French kitchens as well as the Italian ones have island as a central element. It is well known that kitchen island has proved to be very practical and useful, successfully replacing the traditional kitchen table. All around the island are present wooden but comfortable chairs with soft seat.

Kitchen Floor: The floor is “dressed” usually in natural stone or parquet.

Walls: For walls you can use special finishes such as brick or wallpaper with floral motifs. Wooden shutters on the windows and wrought iron details are always present in this décor.

Accessories: As in any other type of decor, accessories play an important role. Some vintage pieces that you can buy from antique will surely find their place in a French rustic style kitchen.

Tips: To highlight this style as much as possible, you should hide the modern elements such as stove, dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave. They can be incorporated into furniture or “suffer” some decorative changes to fit well and harmonious in such a room.

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