Industrial style in brand-new apartments – an aesthetic trend

Industrial style, also called industrial chic or modern industrial.

Industrial style, also called industrial design style chic, or modern industrial design style, is a continue aesthetic trend that can be traced back to the mid-20th century. It probably starts in New York with the loft-style apartment movement. Today this style remains trendy and popular.

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Characteristics of Industrial style Design

Among the exposed brick walls in loft style apartments with wide windows and high ceilings, metal stairways, metal decks, and exposed wooden or concrete beams, the large open space is quite generous, having every amenity in one place, The same space is the place to cook, a place to eat, a place to relax and a place to rest. It was and it is a design style very different from other design styles and still remains a charming, cozy, and relaxed design style today.

Its raw, brutal but honest nature is absolutely appealing to everyone who looks to break out the commercial modern trends, offering an unexpected off-grid approach. It completely values the living space, embracing it for what it is. The original efficiency, practicality, and functionality of the factories, warehouses, and other industrial buildings are accentuated with the use of metal and wood in everything from furniture and lighting to decorations.

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