Living room in a rustic design style – a continuing trend

Rustic style – a trend that does not pass away!

Charming, carefree, idyllic, warmth, family, and inimitable, timeless, and traditional look of a country home. In other words, rustic design style.

And without no exaggeration, one of the most beautiful interior design styles. A lovely and comfortable home interior decorated in this fashion will help everyone to forget about the hustle and bustle of living in a big city.

How to furnish and decorate a living room in a rustic style?

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What distinguishes a rustic living room?

A living room in rustic design style is a living space quite similar with the interior of a country home or cottage. It is clearly dominated by use of natural materials, especially wood and simple shapes. Every space inch bears traces of the past. Tradition, history mixed with modern elements, make a rustic arrangement warm, comfortable, and inviting.

The rustic style has roots in our past and it is a kind of traditional design style mixed with vintage elements. The style includes charming details, furniture pieces with a vintage look, and family heirlooms.

The rustic living room is a warm home interior filled with soothing colors.

How to set up a rustic living room?

If you want to create a living room in rustic style, choose design solutions characteristic of this style. Start with basic architectural and design elements, such as exposed wooden beams, brick walls, wood burning fireplace, and of course, wooden floors. These elements evoke the carefreeness and serenity of country life.

Materials such as stone and terracotta will also add charm to the home interior. The presence of natural wood is mandatory in a rustic living room, especially if you opt for old or reclaimed wood with visible imperfections.

Make sure that wooden furniture pieces appear in the decor – white or in natural, warm hues, with simple forms.

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