Repairing a Crack on Popcorn Textured Ceiling

When you repair a drywall ceiling you have a number of choices depending upon the type and size of damage to the ceiling. One of the drywall ceiling type is popcorn textured ceiling. Popcorn ceilings are one of the popular drywall textured ceiling options, because they are easy to do and repair.

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But before, repairing a drywall ceiling with popcorn texture you need to know that the popcorn texture was applied after 1978.

Popcorn ceilings, prior to 1979 may have asbestos in it.

Warning: It is mandatory to contact an asbestos abatement contractor to test a few samples of the popcorn ceiling if you are unsure.

Assuming the popcorn ceiling is asbestos free, check the entire textured ceiling area and mark the patches to be repaired. This will ensure that your entire room looks perfect.

Materials & Tools

-Patching compound; primer; paint; stain sealer; spray texture repair kit

-Scraper; putty knife; roller; brushes; drop cloth; safety glasses; drywall sander;

Procedure of Popcorn Ceiling Repair

1/ Protect the floor with a drop cloth, before working on the ceiling.

2/ Scrape around the cracks with putty knife, and use a paintbrush to clean off any dust. Use a sander with sandpaper to sand the edges around the damaged area.

Note: Be sure to wear safety glasses when cleaning the ceiling.

3/ Use putty knife to apply a small amount of drywall compound on the area. Where the crack is thin apply the patching compound by dabbing it onto the ceiling with a small paintbrush.

However, use only a small amount of compound. It is a good idea to dilute the premixed compound into a separate container and add water with the consistency of thick maple syrup. Otherwise the patching compound can dry too quickly and be difficult to spread an even texture and even crack when it dries.

For corners where the textured ceiling meets a smooth wall, wedge a large flat object such as a broad knife into the corner to prevent patching compound from getting on the wall.

After that, let the patching compound dry.

4/ Then, sand the area until you have a smooth surface. If it was a stain due to water damage then apply stain sealer over the area and then let it dry.

5/ Spray texture paint can be used to re-texture the area. Read and follow the directions carefully. Practice on a disposable flat surface first to ensure you can match the pattern as close as possible before applying to the ceiling. (As you are working on a small area, best to use a popcorn roller instead of the spray.)

Spray texture typically dries within 30 minutes and ready for priming and painting.

6/ Repaint the repaired area to match the rest of the ceiling. Make sure, however, to not apply too much paint to the affected area so that the popcorn ceiling becomes sopped in paint and it may peel.

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