Living Rooms with Neutral Background and Vibrant Color Accents

The best living room color schemes for dreamy interiors.

The living room color combination usually set the tone for the rest of your home interior. Therefore, it is important to choose the color palette and get it decorated correctly. No matter if you want a cozy, warm, airy, and light or whimsical and cool colors, your color palette needs to look beautiful, feel good and most importantly represent you.

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Living Rooms: Neutral Background and Vibrant Color Accents (video)

We listed here, more than forty creative ideas for stylish living rooms in trendy neutral color palettes and with color accents spots.

Neutral-colored living rooms – a popular choice.

Many homeowners want neutral-colored living rooms because they look elegant and stylish. On the other hand, a totally neutral color palette can look too cold and inexpressive, even if you choose “warm neutrals” such as yellowish white, orangish brown, etc. In other words, you can warm up a neutral color palette by adding red, orange, and yellow. Opposite, a neutral color palette is cooled by adding purple, blue, or green.

Anyway, no matter how “warm” a color palette is, any home interior decor in just neutrals can be boring and inexpressive.

What is the solution?

Simple! Just add some color spots on the neutral background. A sofa in bright colors, a vivid colored armchairs or ottoman, a beautiful area rugs with a multicolored pattern, beautiful colored curtains, and just adding lovely decorative pillows will make wonders. You will suddenly have another living room décor, more beautiful, personal, and interesting.

Each color accent can have a specific effect on your mood.

Thousands of different colors and nuances are suitable for a stylish living room decor. But don’t forget each one can have a specific effect on the look of the space or on your mood. Some colors and hues make the space cozier and smaller and other enhance the feeling of cleanliness and make the space to look larger.

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