Bathroom Remodeling and Improvement: Corner Bathtubs

If you want to remodel or improve your bathroom, then maybe you should take into account corner bathtubs. A corner bathtub adds indeed, charm and style to your bathroom.

When you’re designing and building a new home, you are able to assign how much space you want to any room, including bathrooms.

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But what do you do when you remodel an existing house?

Maybe you can move a wall, making it possible to increase the space of your bathroom. But if you do not have this option then you have to adapt and work with the existing space. Choosing a corner bathtub could be a smart solution. This solution helps you to use more efficiently a limited space.

These kinds of bathtubs are special designed and manufactured to fit in a bathroom corner. In this way, it can be used valuable space that would otherwise be wasted.

However, the corner bathroom is not only a smart solution for a limited space. They are a trend in the design of a modern bathroom, being able to tremendous enhance the look of the room.

Corner bathtubs come in a wide range of sizes and models so it’s pretty easy to find the type that you need. They range from very small sizes to large sizes, some large enough to be suitable for two adults. Most of them have even built-in seats with raised motifs. There are also corner soaking tubs and corner jetted tubs.

Small Corner Bathtubs

They are the perfect solution for bathroom with limited space where each additional square inch is a serious gain. These small items can be freestanding or built-in bathtubs.

Although they occupy less space than traditional bathtubs, they may contain a larger volume of water, because they are deeper. So, you can get a good corner soaking bathtub.

These small units may have different shapes such as circular, square, pie-wedge or round.

Large Corner Bathtubs

Typical length of a large corner bathtub is between five and six feet. As the small ones, they have different shapes such as circular, square or rectangular. You can also find drop-in bathtubs or freestanding models. However, by far, the drop-in bathtubs are the most common models.

A drop-in corner bathtub is usually, dropped into a deck, which is a type of raised platform. This deck should match and complete the overall look of your bathroom. It can be covered with all kind of tiles (ceramic, glass, stone, etc), bricks or even natural wood.

In fact, the truth is that this type of bathtub adds charm and luxury to your bathroom. You can place plants, candles, statues or other kind of art objects, washcloths, towels, sponges, soaps, shampoos, etc on the bathtub deck.

Cost of a Corner Bathtub

The cost of a corner bathtub depends on the model, material, depth, shape and size. Therefore, these tubs come in a wide range of prices from about $600 for an acrylic bathtub to $3,000 or even more for a sophisticated model with massage pillow, stereo, colored lights and whirlpool jets.

Generally, acrylic bathtubs are less expensive than fiberglass bathtubs, but are also less durable. However, you can also find bathtubs that are blend of fiberglass and acrylic.

If you want your bathroom to impress by luxury, then perhaps, you should choose a unique, beautiful and luxurious corner bathtub made of marble, sandstone, travertine or onyx. They are usually, handcrafted and they are astonishing. Of course, they are quite expensive, but you must not forget that they are maintenance free and have a very long life span (virtually they last a lifetime).

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