Mexican Ceramic Tiles – Saltillo, Mission and Talavera

Mexican ceramic tiles, also known as Spanish tiles are describing a number of cladding products on the market, including the famous Saltillo tiles and traditional handmade tiles, executed by Spanish and Mexican designers.

Whatever type you choose tiles from this series, they will give your space a warm, pastoral, rustic yet full of elegance and refinement look.

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Saltillo Ceramic Tiles

Their names were taken from the Mexican city of Saltillo, where they come from and are made, and currently they are the most popular Spanish tiles. They are in fact, a terracotta type and is perhaps the most famous product of this Mexican city. They are made of raw clay, by burning and manual compression, with a stony, rough look, like terracotta tiles.

  • – Depending on the time of exposure to heat (burning), these plates can have different colors from yellow to dark orange.
  • – The shape varies from the square base to the hexagonal one the patterns can be more or less elaborated.

Due to the nature of clay and the traditional production way, Saltillo tiles are more porous than other tiles therefore, they should be waxed with quality maintenance products for ceramics, to protect them against stains, which otherwise will be absorbed quickly.

This procedure should be repeated periodically. As with hard woods, revitalizing Saltillo tiles floor will give your floor a new look that will last for a long time, and can be regained periodically, waxing them, a quality which no other tiles have.

However, Saltillo tiles because of their rough appearance are recommended for the exterior house cladding. In the interior, they are used more as decorative plating for heating stoves or fireplaces.

Painted Mexican Tiles

After Saltillo tiles they occupy the second place in popularity. They are handmade decorative tiles. Painted Mexican tiles are present in a wide variety of shapes and colors and the most popular of them are Mission and Talavera tiles.

a) Mission tiles are mostly used in the restoration or to give a newly constructed space an age look. Mission ceramic tiles are covered with cement marble powder. They are sold, usually in sets of four, making up together an outstanding design.

The main quality of ceramic tiles mission is durability. They are also, waterproof and features excellent adhesion to any surface.

b) Talavera tiles are made by hand, by painting ceramic surface, prior being glazed and burned. They are very resistant to extreme temperatures, water and more affordable than other types of tiles being recommended for spacious rooms, bathrooms and swimming pools.

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