Mix different kinds of chairs in different colors

Mix chairs for a unique dรฉcor and an interesting impression

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Mix different kinds of chairs in different colors | Simple Ways to Create a New Home Interior, #8 (video)

The new uploaded video is the eighth part of the new video series, namely:

โ€œSimple Ways to Create a New Home Interiorโ€.

As usually, here, many interior designers share their best tips, tricks, ways, in creating a unique home interior.

Mixing different kinds of chairs or chairs in different colors is a clever and affordable home interior design idea that can completely change the look of your living space dรฉcor.


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How to choose the perfect chair combination?

Every corner of your home interior is important when it comes to designing and decorating.

After all, your home should offer elegance, coziness, and comfort.

But how to achieve these factors when you are limited by a strict budget?


You have seen in our previous articles that there are many affordable ways and tips that can help you. Mixing different kinds of chairs is one of them.

This way is important especially for your dining room.  This is where you have the weekend breakfasts, host unforgettable dinner parties, and most importantly share meals with loved ones. So, the dining chairs should be elegant, fancy, and comfortable.

Do not be afraid to match and mix

Of course, the easiest and simplest way to create a dining area is to buy a furniture set. This ordinary solution answer to the main question โ€“ how to match the table with the chairs.

But you need to know that the dining table not necessarily needs to match the chairs. On the opposite, you have the freedom to use different chairs. More than that you can use two or three kinds of chairs in different colors.

The dining room dรฉcor will look unique and personal.

You can also choose chairs with armrest in combination with simple chairs, table benches, or even stools.

Every combination is allowed. Not to mention that combinations of rattan and wooden chairs with comfortable, upholstered chairs can add warmth to your dining area.

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