Modern Japanese House

Designed for Space Efficiency

Japanese people and culture is well known to use efficiency in everything they do, which comes forth all the time, in many different ways. The most obvious use of efficiency, is the way and location in which every traditional Japanese home is situated. Faraway from a western mansion, without much square footage, these wood-paneled houses have the ability to make every space, every corner an essential part of the home, without wasting any spot. From dining tables hidden in the floor, which tuck away kitchens, leaving the space clean and empty the entire house is efficient, serene and overwhelmingly peaceful.

The entrance of the home generally features a sunken patio and glass walls. Natural light can filter plenty inside the home’s main room or be easily kept out using charming neutral shades that are decorative and effective.

But perhaps the most interesting piece of a Japanese interior design for a small home, is the hidden dining table that is sunken into the floor when not in use and can be tucked very easy completely away. This smart idea makes a huge difference and gives the homeowner the option to use a clean and empty room for many other household activities such as meditation, study or sleep.

More than that, this clever many duty space, dining-living-bedroom area usually features an overhead light fixture made from bamboo, which provides a diffuse and gentle light, which is flanked on both sides by charming traditional Japanese wood and paper room dividers. These lovely room dividers, known as “shoji” screens, have either a thin paper sheet or, nowadays in many modern Japanese homes a plastic sheet, that is pulled gently over a bamboo or wood frame. These light divider walls can slide easily giving a feeling of privacy and intimacy without being total light and soundproof walls that our western houses may be used to.

However, the small kitchen, when is used, has its own shoji screen that can be slid in closed position keeping in this way the smells and sights out of the rest of the home.

The living room area serves as usual a dual or many times, multiple purpose. The entertainment area contains a mounted television and a convertible sofa bed, which is for entertaining as well as rest and sleep.

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