Romantic Decorating Ideas – How to Decorate Your Apartment in Parisian Style

If you are an incurable romantic and you are forever in love with the capital of romance, Paris, what should you do? Perhaps, decorating your apartment in Parisian style you will bring romance, European elegance, art and beauty in your life. You can turn your life into a real “La Vie en Rose”.

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A typical Parisian apartment has high ceilings and windows, small balconies with wrought iron railing.

In fact, Parisian style is a picturesque amalgam of different styles such as baroque, rococo, neoclassical, deco, styles corresponding to the ages that passed over the “City of Lights”.

Today, a contemporary Parisian apartment has cabarets and Mediterranean influences and includes art Deco.


Colors are used in a wide range. In general, pastel colors prevail, but they are accentuated by black and white and even golden.

The most used colors are vivid colors such as crimson, royal blue and crimson. They are meant to highlight architectural and furniture details.


The furniture is elegant, functional, with intricately carved ornaments having a vintage, classic look. Furniture is distinct, painted in black or cream color with golden accents and ornaments. The most characteristic pieces of furniture are tables, coffee tables, chairs, armoires, etc.

They have curved legs in an understated elegance. Round tables with a layer of skirt, and benches made of twisted iron fill in the space harmoniously. Also, divans, ottomans covered with thick, heavy fabric as well as coffee tray tables find their place in a Parisian-style apartment.

But in fact, what characterizes this style is complete lack of matching between the pieces of furniture.  They represent a whole only in combination with your personality with your way of being.

They are beautiful each through color (black or ivory) through intricate ornaments (golden), by style, through their position in space. Colored cushions are the color spots in this ensemble.

Sofas, divans, chairs, ottomans are upholstered with wonderful fabrics. Their vintage and classic look contribute to a romantic feeling.

A vanity table is always present in the bedroom.

In terms of colors of linen and other fabrics, you can choose from ivory, pink, blue or other pastel shades.


Of course, mirrors are always present in Parisian style decoration. Use, large quality, vintage mirrors as well as other architectural elements and different other accessories such as columns, garden statues, clocks, hat boxes, flower plants, planters, china, candelabras, porcelain figurines and so on, for an authentic Parisian look.

In fact, the accessories may also include vintage posters, wall clocks big, shelves, etc. Use large posters representing the Paris nightlife, cafes, restaurants, countryside images, etc.


Curtains are lightweight, translucent to allow natural light to penetrate. However, depending on apartment style you can use wooden shutters or blinds.


In general, the floor is made of wood, it is painted in dark colors and is covered with thick, oriental carpets.

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