Nature – Inspired Wall Murals Make Your Home Look Bigger

Birds, trees, flowers, animals, amazing landscapes – all these you can have in your house, if you choose to decorate your walls with wall murals inspired by nature. These elements of nature not only help to improve the appearance of the room, but strongly influence your mood.

Relaxation, comfort, serenity are just some of the feelings wall murals can offer you. Actually, the latest trends in home decor recommend wall murals as an ideal and innovative solution in interior design. Stunning photos with landscapes, flowers, characters are printed in large sizes and apply to the wall, turning your living space into an ideal one in which to live or work.

Let’s look at some ideas for decorating your room with custom wall mural, which gives a three-dimensional effect.

Nature – Inspired Wall Murals

Incredible scenery pictures are the perfect background for any room and can be considered as a window to the world delightful from outside the house. Moreover, nature – inspired wall mural is a decorative element that inspires warmth and relaxation, especially if it is located behind electronic devices (TV, DVD, computer, laptop).

A landscape fully applied on a wall can completely change the look of the room and gives a feeling of transposition in a outside space: mountain, sea, plain with flowers, waterfall, lake, etc.

Important: photo wallpapers are applied only on smooth, dry walls. Wall Murals are printed in several pieces and applied gradually with an overlap of a few millimeters between them.

Modern and Urban Wall Murals

Big cities and famous tourist areas can be an inspiration and a unique idea for decoration. Each wallpaper pattern is delivered in a protective cardboard tube and glue is included in the package, so you can apply it relatively quickly and easily.
Architectural wall murals create the impression that you are in the middle of a big city.

Floral Wall Murals

Flowers are a good choice for room, especially if they are printed on a large scale, the size of the wall. Wallpaper with flowers and trees, creates a sense of freedom and gives the room an air of freshness. A bedroom with a wall of colorful flowers and trees is much more comfortable and restful.

Flowers and trees integrated into a suitable design to help you sleep well and wake up full of energy. The feeling of peace makes its presence felt, so the wallpaper with flowers and trees fit best in the bedroom. Flowers can be matched with the color, of the other wall with decorations and shades used.

Tip: Choose decorations as simple and with complementary colors to blend with the wallpaper.