The Best Way to Dust a Lamp and other Some Smart Ideas for Your Home

What is the best way to dust a lamp (or curtain)?

Use a lint roller, move it over the shade, the sticky surface picks up all the dust and loose dirt. When the paper in the roller gets dirty, just tear it off and keep dusting.

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You can remove the dust from your curtains using the same thing, the roller.

Save money – reusing the fabric softener

After you use the sheet once don’t throw away, soak it in fabric softener liquid and let it dry. Then when you are ready to dry a new load put it in your dryer.

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Take out the water spots

Is your glass leaving a white ring on your wood furniture? The solution is to make a paste of cooking oil and salt. Rub the paste lightly over your stain in the direction of wood grain and let dry. After a while wipe off with a clean cloth and polish as usual. The salt acts as a mild abrasive while the oil acts as lubricant.

Be organized with your home repairs

Keep a list with your small repairs, like chipped paint, squeaky doors. When one of your family member have a spare minutes they can check the list and do it, then cross it off.

Have crease-free pants

Folding your pants over a hanger can cause creases to your pants. You can build your own hanger. Cut a slit down the length of an empty paper towel tube. Slip over the hanger bar and drape your pants on top. The roll prevents any lines.