New Apartment Design Ideas, Elegance in Simplicity


Comfort, family, color, pleasure, and refuge come to mind when you think of “home.” Whatever the size of the flat you live in or will live in, it must become a personal space that gives you a sense of security – it is the one place where you can be yourself. To design such a space that satisfies your demands, which vary from person to person, you must first identify the usefulness of each space. Apartments, in general, have well-defined rooms when they are created – bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom – but after they are arranged, you will discover other roles that they can serve and that will satisfy your wants and wishes.

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Regardless of the size of an apartment or the number of rooms, the organization will be a critical step in the formation of your personal shelter. Although many newly built apartments are only sketches that appear similar to each other, with a well-planned plan and a clever arrangement, you can turn that sketch into an authentic location. So, in our recently uploaded video, we gathered some ideas for furnishing and decorating an apartment, as well as what natural materials you may utilize.

Have you recently moved into a new flat, or is it time to remodel? If you live in an apartment block, you are probably limited in space, which compels you to make sacrifices. However, if you consider the arranging concepts offered in this article, you will see that the scenario is not impossible, but rather, advantageous. Any block of apartments can be made suitably comfortable and well-organized with a few clever measures.


Everything begins with the number of rooms and the family’s requirements. In order to ensure adequate privacy, the spaces (living room and bedroom) in a studio apartment must be adequately defined. The second bedroom in a three-room residence without children can be used as an office or hobby room. And, if one exists, the size of the balcony is important: this space can be utilized for work, reading, or relaxing.


The interior design in a detached flat is simpler, especially because you may make use of a bigger surface area of the walls. If the hallway between the rooms is narrow, you can put shelves for books or decorations, and if space allows, use a closet to store jackets, the hoover and other goods.

To get to the bedroom in the semi-detached apartments, you must first pass through the living room. As a result, there are doors on two of the walls and a window on the third, leaving only one wall fully unoccupied. This, though, is the one you pass on your way to the bedroom. This is why you must think vertically: install a tall but narrow bookcase.


Living room: Consider the needs of the family before furnishing this space. What are your normal activities in the living room? How many zones are required? Do you have any hobbies that necessitate a lot of space? Do you frequently entertain visitors?

Sofas with storage are ideal for families with children and others. This gives you additional room for blankets, winter clothes, or even the troller you bring on vacation. If you frequently receive visitors from faraway cities, an extensible sofa is a good investment.

You will need a proper office if you work from home. Of course, you can work from the sofa, with your laptop in your arms or on the coffee table, but the position will induce back ache. That is why we propose establishing an office space, preferably near a window, to take advantage of natural light.

A multi-body living room set allows you to furnish quickly and for less money than purchasing numerous components separately. Choose one with a closed wardrobe, display, TV chest, TV stand, and shelves. As a result, you have ample room to exhibit decorations while also having drawers and locked shelves to keep anything that you don’t want to be visible.

Bedroom: The bedroom, regardless of its size, must be a haven of peace and tranquility. After all, this is where you begin and end each day, so you must ensure that you are content at these critical times.

Begin by selecting the appropriate colors and dare to venture outside of your comfort zone. A painted or wallpapered accent wall behind the bed will make the space more fascinating. Darker colors, such as navy blue, burgundy, or emerald green, are more soothing.

Then, properly illuminate the room. You’ll need a bright overhead light, as well as auxiliary lighting fixtures near the bed. The latter will be used for reading or when you require a more intimate ambiance, so choose less powerful lights that nevertheless provide adequate illumination.

The bed is the focal point of the room, therefore it’s worth investing in a good one, preferably with a unique design. An upholstered model with a velvet appearance, for example, will add an attractive, luxury aspect to even the smallest apartment bedroom. Choose one with a foldable bed frame and storage space to save up space in the dresser.

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