New Design (Paint Colors) Ideas for a Modern, Contemporary Interior Style

Modern design is an art. Generally, decorators choose neutral colors when they have to select the colors for walls paint.

The paint color can have a big visual impact and it must to match the furniture. The right color is going to bring together all attraction in your room and is not suppose to interfere with any detail in it.

Contemporary decorators tend to use beige, grays, browns and even red for a luxury interior; they use white too, in order to bring the outside inside.

The Malibu Beach House  

A beach house usually uses glass to bring inside the great view. The interior color is not interfering with the natural color of the blue sky or the sea. The interior walls are painted in light white allowing the reflection of the water through the windows. The furniture and the floors are polished wood in light color. A few Calder sculptures complement the vertical space.

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What is very specific for this beach house is the glass and the dominant white color which give a perfect relax sensation complimenting the landscapes and the views.

The Deep and Rich Colors

You can treasure your library by painted it in a rich tone of chocolate to bring out the colorful of your collection.

A red tone of lacquer is going make you feel warm in the winter and is becoming vibrant in the summer time. Another quality of the red tone is the reflection of the light. Avoid the flat or the eggshell paint color. You should use a lacquer that will dry hard and use two coats to give the diamante look.

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For the hardwood floors, you should opt for handmade modern carpet in blue or red tone. The library ladder should be mahogany or dark walnut.

To illuminate your books, you should use under shelf lights and up lights spotlights.

Another perfect option for a lacquered wall treatment is blue navy. Because blue navy is not a worm color like red, you should experiment with your lighting to avoid a cold sensation: the blue navy color will balance the dark wood and the walls of books.

When you choose the brown color, you should a light carpet with pale green or cream color to balance your dark browns. Provide visual contrast by using spotlights on the top of your bookshelves.

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The Neutral but Still Sophisticated Gray

Gray is a contemporary design color. It is very versatile because it comes in unlimited shades. Gray can be use as background for an art keeping the design apart from looking sterile. A gray color complements a natural leather chair; a cream gray will frame your spectacular views from your high-rise apartment. You should choose an oyster gray color for your bedroom and pale gray marble for your bathroom.

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