How to apply new colors in your home interior

Practical and efficient way to apply the new colors.

After you’ve decided on the ideal colors to update your home, you’ll put them to use in a practical and effective manner. Here are some suggestions:

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Tips & Suggestions:

Prepare and clean the walls. Make sure the walls are clean, dry, and smooth before applying the fresh paint. To remove dust, filth, or stains, make a solution of water and detergent or vinegar. If the walls have holes or cracks, you can patch and level them with repair putty. If the walls already have old or damaged paint, you can remove it using a spatula or sander.

It safeguards both the furniture and the floor. To avoid getting paint on the furniture or the floor, cover them with plastic wrap or newspapers. Adhesive tape can also be used to protect the edges of windows, doors, and sockets.

Select the appropriate tools. To apply paint evenly and efficiently, you must select the appropriate tools for the type of paint and the surface you are painting. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can use brushes, rollers, or paint guns. Before utilizing the tools, make sure they are clean and dry.

Apply thin layers of paint. To achieve a professional and long-lasting appearance, apply the paint in thin and even layers. Begin by using a small brush to paint the corners and edges of the walls. Then, using a roller or paint gun, cover the whole surface of the walls. Allow the first layer to thoroughly dry before applying the second. Repeat the procedure until you have achieved the necessary coverage.

Clean the instruments and the surrounding area. After painting the walls, clean the tools with hot water and soap or solvent, depending on the type of paint. Remove the plastic film, newspapers, and adhesive tape from the furniture, floor, and edges as well. Dispose away any leftover paint or materials in accordance with environmental regulations.


Choosing the finest colors to freshen your home is an excellent approach to improve your mood while also beautifying it. You must consider various elements, including the architectural type of the house, the size and direction of the space, the furniture and accessories, and the mood you want to create. You must also be inspired by effective and modern combinations that suit your preferences and needs. Finally, you must apply the new colors in a practical and effective manner, using the proper tools and adhering to safety and cleaning guidelines.

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