Placement of furniture and lighting in a small living room

The placement of the furniture depends on the room layout.

The placement of the sofa, TV, coffee table, bookshelf, and other significant items in a tiny living room is heavily influenced by the layout. In a studio apartment, you must combine a leisure room, a dining room, and potentially a folding sleeping place; the living room must be protected and made more comfortable; and a rectangle space must be balanced using geometric principles.

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Small Spaces #4, Small Combined Living/Dining Room Design Ideas (video)

Small square living room.

The square’s symmetrical harmony allows you to put furniture nicely under the wall or in the middle. The decor can be made diamond-shaped by using corner designs.

Narrow (rectangular) small living room.

In such rooms, the door is frequently placed opposite the window, giving the impression of a hallway. You can improve the situation by doing the following: Make the front door broad and cheerful and screen the windows with white drapes with a smooth horizontal curtain – this will accentuate the limited walls. Free spaces should be trimmed with components such as masonry or racks made of elongated planks installed.

The wide sides should be mirrored and glossy, with contrasting vertical lines and a clean design from floor to ceiling.

The plank flooring should be installed parallel to the narrow walls.

It is best to buy furniture with high backs because squatting will “grease” the room.

Custom small living room.

If the living room was created as a result of complicated zoning or the owners elected to equip the attic for this purpose, there is an issue with a non-standard layout.

In this situation, it is worthwhile to purchase corner or semicircular furniture, walls with beveled edges, odd tables, and to ensure that light can reach every region of the room.

Lighting in a small living room.

The appropriate fixture placement and aesthetic look can drastically transform any small area. A bright lamp on the ceiling is required in the living room, but a large chandelier should not be hung if the room’s real height is less than 4 meters.

Mount clean dots diodes along the border, hang a sconce near the sofa (for reading books, for example), and use flexible ribbons to highlight the decor or shelves with your favorite things. Stylized flashlights, garlands, and neon accents look great in various design possibilities.

The light coming from below, vertically off the floor, alleviates the sensation of a ceiling hanging over your head.

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