Prevent the paint from peeling on outdoor stairs and railings

Painted terrace or garden railings and stairs have a tendency after a while to peel and crack. Therefore, they require extra care.

Lying wooden stairs, railings, and other wooden objects outdoor, exposed to the weather conditions is usually a challenge. They can crack and peel relatively quickly after a winter. In fact, these things are a regular occurrence.

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Usually, the problem is moisture. When all the sides of any kind of piece of wood are painted, it is practically impossible to avoid breaks and cracks and breaks after a while.

Why? What is the process that generates this?

The answer is simple. The water penetrates between two jointed parts are assembled. And it doesn’t dry out quickly enough. The moisture content can become too high, pushing out the paint layer, even if the wooden elements are treated. So, the paint layer comes off. When it comes that such wooden architectural elements are to be treated, you should choose a treatment where the excess of moisture is not trapped inside the pieces of wood.

Using terrace stain or oil

Speaking from a technically point, the best is to treat any outdoor wooden element with terrace stain/oil. The wood treatment needs to soak into the wood and not form just a film. Therefore, in this way, it will rarely or never peel off.

With a little care and re-staining on several worn more exposed areas every one or two years, this treatment kind will last โ€œforeverโ€.

This is definitely the best weather-resistant solution. However, probably not is the recommended solution for everyone who wants a water-resistant treatment that is generally used for the rest of the house.

Using oil stain

An intermediate solution between painting and staining is oil stain. It allows wood to breathe a little more than deck or terrace stain/paint. Therefore, is less or no more risk of flaking, and it keeps the look good longer. The unique disadvantage is that is not a completely covering color.

The best comprehensive treatment

From an aesthetical point of view, covering treatment only is the icing on the cake in many outdoor places. For a painted outdoor wooden element, such as stairs and railings, will look great into the overall decor when they are also painted.

But if these such exposed areas are to be painted, it is recommended the use of solvent-based oil cover stain. It is more resistant to moisture than a pure or hybrid acrylic. Still some flaking/wear should be expected over time, but more less.

Start the moisture resistant treatment before assembly

It certainly is a huge advantage to firstly treat the wood with primer plus one paint coat before these wooden elements such as railings and stairs are assembled and jointed together. In this way, you will not get with untreated wooden areas between two assembled pieces.

It also is extremely important to use a primer plus at least two paint coats when it comes to the covering treatment.

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