Inside of two Cute SMALL APARTMENTS with a Delicate Design


Welcome to the cozy world of our charming small apartments! Nestled in the heart of the city, these spaces are a testament to creativity, resourcefulness, and the magic of affordable design. Let’s take a tour through their functional and inviting interiors, where Scandinavian simplicity meets budget-friendly elegance.

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Inside of 2 Cute SMALL APARTMENTS with a Delicate Design (video)

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First Apartment

A beautiful Scandinavian-inspired style apartment décor with a feminine look.

Small entranceway but well organized. Long and narrow hallways with well-organized closets and freestanding shelves.

A basic white color palette makes this small apartment look brighter and larger than it really is.

Bright and spacious living room with white walls, two white sofas and a glass top oval coffee table in front of them. Comfortable recliner and floor standing light fixtures. Decorative pillows in pastel color, modern paintings, candles, and indoor plants contribute to a charming atmosphere.

A small and thick white area rug complements the overall décor.

Large balcony-terrace simply but beautifully furnished and decorated.

Stylish dining area with wood table and classic wooden chairs. The dining area is placed in a bright corner with large windows on two sides. The windowsills are adorned with potted plants, candlesticks, and other ornaments.

Classic kitchen with white cabinets, wooden countertop, and blue-gray ceramic backsplash. Plenty of cabinets and appliances are built in.

Translucent curtains that allow plenty of natural light to get inside.

Charming master bedroom with white furniture and wallpapered walls. Soft color palette in white and light grey. Small second bedroom in bright white.

Quite large bathroom with shower cabin.

The Second Apartment

The second apartment shown in the video is a perfect example of how to furnish and decorate a contemporary apartment on a budget and turn it into an elegant living space.

The overall color palette is grey and white and plenty of natural wood is used from the hardwood floor to the furniture.

In fact, we have here a composed flooring option hardwood and white ceramic.

As the first apartment the second one has a small but well-organized entranceway.

Cute living area with a small gray sofa adorned with white decorative pillows and grey thrower and two small but tall metallic black coffee tables. A floor standing lamp discretely illuminates the space. A small grey area rug, candles, a large potted plant, a classic painting, and another one black and white complement the overall décor.

The bedroom has a warm and inviting look. Long beige curtains cover the windows providing privacy.

Tiny balcony furnished with a small outdoor furniture set.

Simple and beautiful dining area with a rectangular wood table and four mismatch chairs.

Small L-shaped kitchen in gray and white colors. Gray cabinets, white backsplash, and white countertop. Small but functional bathroom.

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