What You Need to Know about Rustic Ceilings

Even though often forgotten when the house is decorated, ceilings give the house a tone of charm and special atmosphere. In addition, they can become the focal point in a trivial and boring house.

For very high rooms, ceilings can be brought to a lower level. In this way, they can contribute to a comfy, cozy and warm look. A simple ceiling, flat, painted white, is often uninteresting, but it is a perfect starting point for a unique atmosphere.

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For people who are attracted to the rustic lifestyle, the ceiling can become a focal point of the house. Wooden beams applied on the ceiling, can offer a rustic and intimate atmosphere.

Decorated in rustic style homes have clear characteristics that offer this unique rustic atmosphere.

Often this style is suitable to mountains vacation cottages and cabins, with large terraces that seem to bring the whole surroundings inside. If you love this style you need to know that there are many types of wooden ceilings that you can use for your home.

For a more romantic look of your home, you can use wooden beams that can be arranged in a medieval style. The wood used for rustic ceilings may vary from those treated in different colors to simple raw wood.

Timber used for ceiling beams can be fir, cherry, maple, hazel, pine or oak. If you choose wooden beams darker make sure your room does not look smaller than it is. This type of ceiling is ideal only for large homes. Painting walls in light colors provides a nice contrast with this type of ceiling.

Choosing Wood for Your Rustic Ceiling

Recycled wood is a suitable and an ecological solution for rustic ceilings. Over time, it will have a very pleasant look that will give comfort and warmth to your home. Another choice is antique wood, which is completely different from recycled wood. The “aging” of wood helps its oxidation and creates a vintage appearance. This type of wood, despite appearance, is very strong and durable.

Another way to get the rustic ceiling effect is to use synthetic materials that imitate wood. These pieces of “wood” are made of polyurethane. They are almost free maintenance, have a low weight and they mimic very well the texture of natural wood. They are available in many sizes, shapes and colors. Fake wooden structures can be installed on wood, iron or laminated surfaces. They are perfect for hiding defects, unsightly cables or sewage works.

Whether you choose natural wood, treated or false structures that mimic wood, rustic wood ceilings are ideal for holiday homes, but also for modern homes or very spacious condominiums. You can create any style you want, from modern to romantic. However, you can install various lights or chandeliers on these wooden beams that will create a special atmosphere in your home, full of vitality and color.

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