How to Reduce Your Home Energy Bills Re-Using Leftover Heat from a Hot Shower

Recovering the heat from waste water is a quite old idea, but now it can be put into practice through DWHR System (Drain-Water Heat Recovery System). This system presents itself as a highly practical and economical solution. In fact, we can talk about a significant reduction in energy costs. In other words, you can have the same benefits as with a solar panel, but only at a fraction of the cost ( the largest units cost around $ 1,000).

Hot Water Heat Recovery Device
Drain Water Heat Recovery

As mentioned, recycling heat waste from your shower it is not a brand new idea but perhaps it will take some time until it will be generalized in the housing construction. However, it is certain that this system, DWHR System will have a word to say in the future.

You use between 10% and 20% of total energy consumption for water heating only, and more than 80% of this energy goes down the drain. Therefore, recycling heat waste from your shower can keep money from going down the drain.


You should know that is a large loss of energy when you take a shower. In fact, the hot water is completely, wasted as it goes down the drain. With a DWHR system, you can recover a large part of this heat energy using it to warm the cold municipal water before it reaches your hot water heater. In fact, the principle is simple. There is only a transfer of heat, from the hot water drain to the cold municipal incoming water. In this way, your hot water heater will use less energy because it heats a lukewarm water not a cold water.

However, not only the working principle is simple but even this appliance, DWHR is extremely simple. A piece of the drain is replaced with a solid piece of copper pipe. The incoming cold water is coiled up on the copper drain. In its passage through the coiled section, cold water absorbs some heat from the hot water that runs down the drain. In this way, the cold water will be between 12 and 14*C warmer at the entry in your hat water heater. More than that, this appliance works with practically any water heater type.


– Using this simple system, you can save almost 40% of the water hearing cost and between 5% and 10% of the total energy consumption.
– You should know that there are grants available for owners, under the eco-ENERGY Retrofit – Homes program, both in Canada and United States.
– Remarkable is also, that this system extends the lifespan of your water heater.
– It is an Eco-Friendly system because it reduces gas emissions having a low energy consumption.
– It is obvious that this system increases the efficiency of your geothermal system or your tankless water heater.
– Money spent on this system can be recovered in 2-5 years. The truth is that you can save up to 2644kWhr/year.


– In fact, this system is made of a copper pipe that is recyclable.
– It is an appliance that uses no energy to works.
– It is a wise system that is recognized by U.S. Department of Energy and Natural Resources Canada.

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