Simple Solutions that Will Make Your Life Much Easier and Enjoyable

How to erase ink stains

The most common stain on handbags is pen ink. What you can do is to spray a bit of aerosol hairspray on a paper tower and dab the stain. The alcohol contain in spray is going to lifts off the ink stain, and your bag will not be damage.

A great solution for a cleaner closet

 We all have a problem when is about keeping your closet organized. There is a trick to make this job easier. Start by turning all hangers backward. Once you wear something, place the hanger back on the rack the opposite way. After two months, you will be able to figure out which items you wear more and which ones you do not use.

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The easy way to dry your shoes

Did you ever get in the rain with your favorite leather shoes? First thing do not put them near a heater or in the dryer. The heat will shrink and damage your shoes. Solution is to stuff them with newspapers inside the wet shoes to soak up the water and retain their normal shape. After that let, your shoes to air dry and they will be good as usually.

How to have a perfect watch

The extreme temperature such 30F (-1C) or above 101F (38C) as well as dust, will make your watch to lose a second every day.

To keep your time teller working properly, when you do not use it, keep it at room temperature in its box, and away of dust.

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