YTONG Block Building System an ECO Friendly System

YTONG blocks are in fact, “Autoclaved Aerated Concrete” (AAC) products also well known as “Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete” (ALC) products or “Autoclaved Cellular Concrete” (ACC) that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic blocks.


We can say that YTONG products are in ecological balance from the manufacturing stage to shipment, construction process and finally, to waste disposal.

YTONG products have many qualities such as:

– fire resistance properties;
– light weight;
– thermal protection;
– sound-isolation qualities;
– anti-penetrability.

Today, YTONG products are widely used worldwide in residential, commercial and industrial constructions. In fact, this system is a versatile building system and is recognized as environmentally friendly building, not to mention that YTONG building system does not generate any pollutants, is an energy manufacturing process without any raw material waste.

YTONG presents Good Sound Insulation

YTONG has excellent sound insulating properties due to its air cushions that were formed in the curing process. In fact, This autoclaved aerated concrete is an incredible sound insulator.

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YTONG ensures a Comfortable Living

YTONG has also outstanding thermal properties due to the same air cushions. The principle is simple. The air cushions reduce the humidity and the temperature differences creating a healthy atmosphere and a comfortable room.

If you use this fantastic material to build your house, you can be sure that your home will be warm in winter and cool in summer. Any YTONG building has R-20, value thermal insulation without any other additional materials. That means lower energy costs. You can save a lot on air-conditioning and heating.

It seems perhaps incredible but YTONG blocks out performs concrete masonry products and wood.

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YTONG has a High Fire Rating

YTONG has  a great resistance to extremely high temperatures for long periods of times than any other construction material. In fact, these aerated concrete blocks are generally chosen for the construction of fireproof walls in many commercial buildings.

YTONG is a Rapid Building System

YTONG is a light construction material. These blocks have large dimensions but weigh little. Therefore, they can be handled easily. Tongue and groove joints and ergonomic handles make this construction material and system easily to stack and use.

Because they have a big size, it means that fewer blocks are required for a wall than bricks or concrete blocks. This means lower labour costs and also a rapid building process.

They can be also easily cut with a saw. They do not need a thick mortar layer. In fact the mortar bed is very thin, because these blocks are bonded and having small joints.

Any construction made from YTONG blocks is resistant to an earthquake. In fact they are recommended for seismic areas.