Small but Big on Style Home Interiors

Tips for furnishing and decorating a small living space.

In terms of comfort and functionality of a small home interior, the main solution is rational use of the space and creative and smart storage solutions. It also is extremely important to be well informed of the furnishing and decorating limitations of a small home interior even prior to moving and acquiring the furniture. So, you need to measure the available spaces of your home interior, draw a floor plan and measure your own furniture pieces.

But horizontal space is not the only decisive factor in furnishing and decorating. You also need to consider the room utilization, the furniture shapes, functional factors, the room height, the storage options, shades and light.

In this article, I have compiled several tips for furnishing and decorating a small space!

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Small but Big on Style Home Interiors (video)

You will discover here amazing furnishing and decorating ideas for small home interiors.

Let’s see the tips:

For a small home interior choose carefully the opening directions of the doors

The opening directions of the cabinets and also the room doors to the outside take up the limited space and at the same time make your decorating process quite difficult. Sliding doors are a good solution in this case. You can also find special hinges that allow the cabinet door to rise vertically from the bottom up, thus saving precious room space.

Choose carefully the cabinet’s dimensions!

Not all your cabinets have to be deep. Think about what you are going to keep in your wardrobe. A thin cabinet is more than enough for your shoes and shirts.

Utilize the space vertically.

Use the whole available living space. Think vertically. You can make the cabinets extend to the ceiling. A loft bed is a genial idea for a small room.

Choose light, hide able, and stackable furniture.

Choose light, graceful, easy-to-move, and stackable furniture. Glass and transparent furniture pieces bring airiness. Nevertheless, don’t choose furniture pieces that are too small. After all, you don’t want to give the impression that your home interior is a dollhouse.

Use efficiently every inch of your living space.

Although every square inch of your limited space should be taken into account don’t be eager to fill every spacer with stuff. A little free space gives the sensation of a bigger home interior.

Use many mirrors.

An old but extremely efficient design trick. It gives the sensation of a bigger space.

Place the furniture away from the walls.

It is frequently thought that the feeling of space happens when all the furniture pieces are placed near to the wall. Nevertheless, a sense of space is frequently obtained by pulling the furniture pieces slightly away from the wall. In other words, leave the floor space open!

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