Smart and affordable tips and ideas for the living room

Spice up the living room

The life cost is continue increasing and does not leave a large budget for home interior design and aesthetics. But it is bot too expensive to turn the living room, into a cozy, elegant, and stylish living room.

So, get inspiration for affordable living room design with these easy, simple, and budget-friendly tips such as furniture made from pallets and DIY ideas.

Small Living Room – affordable design

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Find precious flea finds

With spring is going to come also the city’s many good flea markets. It is the perfect place to find cheap, old, vintage, and retro furniture and decorative accessories for the living room.

Old copper lamps, brass candlesticks, glazed flower vases, iconic designer chairs are just several items that can often be found at flea markets for a good price.

It can be a good idea to make in advance a plan of which furniture and decorative accessories you specifically need for your room. In this way you can avoid too many mistaken purchases and a mixture of too many styles.

Furniture made from old wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are a brilliant material for a large number of home-made furniture. With just a handful of screws, a screwdriver, and a saw you can give the old pallet many and different functions.

So, save your money and instead of a big, and expensive sofa build a long pallet sofa with a couple of soft mattresses. Then you can also have extra sleeping place for your guests.

Make homemade, DIY art

Many of us can hardly afford to invest in unique prints, artworks, and large paintings. But do not forget, a large disparate collection of such things can rarely create a personal style. Try instead, to get started with your own works. After all you don’t have to be a great sculptor or painting.

It could also be a round of pressed flowers or plants in glass frames. Many specialty stores have a lot of cheap standard frames in different sizes and colors.

Keep an eye out for furniture display models

If you’re a true design connoisseur who just don’t compromise on quality, keep always an eye out when stores sell display items. In this way you can save over 50% on furniture that has been on display in the stores, but as a rule of the thumb, the smallest thing never fails. Sign up for the different pieces of furniture so the stores can call you when their new designs replace the old ones. Then you also have a little more time to save up for the furniture.

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